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From negotiations to final review, each stage of contract development is crucial to that success. Whether we're talking business contracts, employment contracts or individual agreements—we have the professional knowledge and experience to help you efficiently and quickly finalize your transactions.

The following are some of examples of the types of contracts we can assist you in drafting and development:

Employment Agreements

Employment agreements can play a vital role in determining the success or the failure of an employment relationship. Employment agreements are a vehicle to attract and retain key personnel and to prevent the disclosure or unauthorized use of trade secrets and other confidential information.

 Independent Contractor Agreements

The distinction between an employee and independent has significance for the contracting businesses liability exposure arising from the actions of the individual or business entity employed, as well as liability for a range of employment benefits and expenses.  Thus, it is of significant importance to a contracting business to make clear whether an individual is an independent contract or an employee. Our law firm analyzes the relationship and works to implement a proper business relationship structure that will closely match the regulatory agencies' criteria for independent contractors.

Confidentiality Agreements and NDAs

A confidentiality agreement is a binding legal contract which outlines certain confidential material, knowledge, or information that individuals or business entities wish to share exclusively and protects sensitive, non-public business information. We can draft confidentiality agreements or NDA's so your company's valuable business information is not, intentionally or unintentionally, revealed to another individual or business without  your consent.

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