Contract Law

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Our firm can can help your small business grow and stay compliant!  We can draft, review and negotiate contracts that are consistent with your business and/or organization's goals.  It is critical that you understand the potential legal consequences and how your decisions may impact your business's operations and risk profile.  Legal services are a cost of doing business that often saves you money and helps your business in the long run.

For many businesses, commercial contracts form the backbone of their operations. Agreements with vendors ensure that a business has the goods and services needed to operate; agreements with customers and clients allow a business to sell its goods and services into the market. If these agreements are prepared with care, they can not only help a company achieve its business goals, but also help prevent misunderstandings between the parties and provide a framework for resolving disagreements that may arise in the course of any ongoing business relationship.

Among the legal issues that may arise in negotiating a commercial contract are protection of intellectual property rights, insurance coverage concerns, antitrust compliance, import and export requirements, and domestic and international tax matters.

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